Dancing In The Current references a haiku poem that I wrote in early June 2017, not long after starting my blog Exploring Colour. I struggled to put my feelings into words but with much effort I produced this poem and its an accurate reflection of how I felt at the time. Stuck, wanting to go with the flow but not experiencing the release in my spirit that would allow me the freedom to do that. Since then, through blogging, I’ve enjoyed many interactions that’ve wrought substantial changes within, and I’d love to try some creative endeavours and see what works for me. As I write this on 09 January 2019, it seems fitting to start a new blog as a vehicle to share whatever creative experiments I try this year. I’d expect it’ll end up including some photography, drawing, painting, poems and perhaps even the occasional short story. Meanwhile my blog Exploring Colour will continue with the same content as usual, just not as regularly as before; Dancing In The Current will be for new creative work (and I’ll reblog selected work from Exploring Colour).







Poem written by Liz in June 2017. The featured photo is from wallpaperscraft.com and the last photo is from Pablo | Dancing In The Current (2019)

And the sub-title of Colouring Outside The Lines? That’s due to a blog comment I read just recently where a person’s young child had a comment on their report card that said “Does not colour within the lines”. I was SO much of a colouring-within-the-lines kind of kid (and adult). Thank goodness I’ve come to my senses and like the parent of that child I see the virtue of colouring outside the lines! I mean, why is thinking outside of the box “good” and colouring outside of the lines “bad”? That makes no sense to me!