Pop Goes The Cherry

I wrote this poem tonight after returning from a day trip to Roxburgh in Central Otago. On the way home we stopped at an orchard in the tiny village of Ettrick and bought some delicious cherries. They’re my favourite variety, named “Lapin”. Otago, New Zealand

cherries_945wToday’s cherries. Photo taken by Nigel

Pop Goes The Cherry!

Sweet Lapin cherry…

Wine-dark skin

Fresh, firm flesh

Plump and juicy

What a beauty!

Ripe for picking…

Hand to mouth

Snap, discard the stem

Pop of pleasure,

savoured treasure

on grateful tongue…

But the pit, I SPIT!

Poem by Liz; Dancing In The Current (2019)

14 thoughts on “Pop Goes The Cherry

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    1. Cherries are my favourite fruit too Ann! Its a treat to live not too far away from where the cherry orchards are. These cherries were sensational and yes, I had fun with the poem! 🙂

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  1. This is both precious and pleasing Liz; like a little rabbit. I say this because the name of your favorite cherry, Lapin, is the French word for rabbit. They look delicious and you make them sound even better.

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    1. Oh? That’s so sweet.. I had no idea! Its also extremely funny to me because wild rabbits overrun Central Otago! You always make me think, always make me smile! Thanks for taking a look Dami!

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